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Tour includes: Uzbekistan + Tajikistan - Pamir

ITINERARY: Uzbekistan: Tashkent , Samarkand – Penjikent –Dushanbe -Pamir (Badakhshan Tajikistan) - Alichur – Jelondy – Khorog – Dushanbe - - Istaravshan (formerly Ura-Tube) – Khujand - Oybek – Tashkent.
The start along UZBEKISTAN PART
Day 1 Tokyo/Tashkent by HY,arrive at 21-15 transfer to hotel, accommodation in hotel
“DEDEMAN”, dinner and Rest.
Day 2 After breakfast drive from Tashkent to Samarkand, accommodation in hotel “Afrasiab”,
lunch and after half day sightseeing around Samarkand, dinner and back to hotel rest.
The start along TAJIKISTAN PART
Day 1. Early in the morning pick up group at 07-00 AM from Samarkand drive to to
the Uzbek/Tajik border "Jartepo" and drive to Penjikent, SS and then drive to
Dushanbe through mountain gorge and also through Anzob pass (H-3373 m,
above level sea). Dushanbe H-850m. Accommodation in hotel “Tajikistan”.
Day 2 - after breakfast, full day SS and make to visit historical museum, and Hissar
fortress, lunch and dinner, back to hotel, rest.
Day 3 - after breakfast early in the morning drive to-Kalai-khumb. Through mountain pass
Khaburabot H-3700m. Accommodation in private guest house.
Day 4 - in the morning drive from Kalai-khumb- to Khorog (H-1300) accommodation
in hotel “SERENA” or guest house Ogho-Khan foundation.
Day 5 - after breakfast drive to Wakhan valley - Garmchashma- Ishkashim -Yamchun-
(H-2800m)- accommodation in YAMG in private house, lunch on the way.
Day 6 - Full day SS around ancient places and drive to Zong -Wrang Langar, (H900m.)
accommodation in private guest house Ogho-Khan foundation.
Day 7 - after breakfast drive to Bulunkul lake H-3400 m, through mountain pass Khargushi,
Alichur valley, accommodation in Jelondy (Hot springs place) guest house or in the tent.
Day 8 - early in the morning drive to Khorog and Kalai-Khumb through Koitezak pass 4155m and
border and overnight in Khorog in hotel “SERENA” or guest house Ogho-Khan foundation.
Day 9 - early in the morning drive to Dushanbe through Kulyab, Nurek and pass Shar-Shar
H-3105m lunch in Kulyab then drive to Nurek and Dushanbe, overnight in hotel.
Day 10 - after breakfast drive to Istaravshan through two mountain passes 1- Anzob (H-3373m.) and
2nd Shakhristan pass (H-3378m), SS along in a mountain way, lunch and after drive guest
house in IIstaravshan, accommodation in guest house.
Day 11 - full day SS in Istaravshan (formerly Ura-Tube), Khujand lunch in Khujand and after drive to
hotel accommodation in hotel “SINO”, dinner and rest.
Day 12 - after breakfast drive to Tajik/Uzbek border "Oybek" between Khujand and Tashkent, crossing
through border and change cars and drive to Tashkent. Accommodation in hotel
“DEDEMAN”, dinner and rest.
The finish part along UZBEKISTAN
Day 13 - Full day SS in Tashkent and then at 21-15 drive to airport and departure to Japan.
The end of tour

Days …………….................. 14.
Season .............….... 1.07.-15.10. .................. 2 - 20 per.

1-2 3-4 5-6 7-9 10-14 +1free 15-19+1Free 20-25+1Free
The price includes: all transfers by jeep, accommodation in hotels in Tashkent
“Dedeman 4 stars”, in Samarkand “Afrasiab- 4 stars”, in
Dushanbe “Tajikistan 4stars”, in Kulyab “Khatlon”, Khorog
“Serena”4 stars, in Khujand “SINO” 4 stars, in Kalai-Khumb,
Yamchun and Langar private guest houses, in other mountain
private guest house, and national house, escort guide,
mountain guide, interpreter, cooks, porterege any where on
the way along itinerary, all SS, entries fees, foods, meals 3
time a day.

Not includes: Tajikistan visa - 50 $ per/per, visa support - 30 $ per/per,
Border zone Pamir – 50 $ per/per, mountain permits in
Tajikistan - 50 $ per/per, ecological fees - 1 $ per/per/day.

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