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AFGHAN VOYAGE" tour №1 Uzbekistan – Tajikistan - Afganistan

You are offered the very interesting route, connecting the dimensions of two periods, of the past and the present, the root of which goes far to that unknown period of Zoroastrism, descendants of fire worshippers. These last, "Preserved tribes of Afghan" kept their history, culture, way of life and traditions up to present time. These people live in the mountainous valley of Kunduz and Mazori-Sharif places. You'll be given the chance to see in our route, consisting of two parts and takes it's beginning from the uppers of Takhor province, Afghanistan. The first part takes place through the Tajikistan mountain passes of Sshar-Shar, and Chormaghzak and Kurganteppe, Piyanj river, parom, Sherkhanl. The second part starts from the pearl of beginning Takhor province, then drive to Kunduz, and then to Mazori-Sharif and Balkh and then back to Dushanbe and Samarkand, Tashkent.
Tashkent (Uzbekistan) – Uzbek/Tajik border “Oybek” - Khujand (Tajikistan) – Dushanbe – Pyanj – Sherkhan border – Mazo-Sharif- Balh- Shaartuz – Dushanbe – Tashkent.
Day 1 Arrival to Tashkent, Capital of Uzbekistan. transfer to hotel. Overnight in Hotel.
Day 2 Transfer by bus to Khujand (180 km, 6hours) through Uzbek/Tajik border (Oybek/Buston), short SS and accommodation in hotel.
Day 3 After breakfast transfer to ancient town URA_TUBE, SS and then to drive to the town Ainy through Shakhristan pass 3378m. 8 hours. , then Sarvoda there have old fortress and stay in private hotel guest-house. Lunch on the way.
Day 4 After breakfast drive to Dushanbe capital of Tajikistan
through mountain pass ANZOB 3372 m. and then Varzob gorge, overnight in hotel "Tajikistan" - 3 stars.
Day 5 Full day SS in Dushanbe and around city, Hissar fort,
museum and Orient Bazaar, and also obtain Afghan visa. Hotel, dinner, rest.
Day 6 After breakfast transfer to Dusti Pyanj and Tajik/Afghan border (Sherkhan), crossing through border and parom through Pyanj river in Afghan side. Stay near river in tents or private guest house.
Day 7 After breakfast drive by Russian jeep or (also by good track) to Kunduz, stay in private house. Short SS.
Day 8 Early in the morning, drive to Mazori-Sharif, stay in private hotel-guest house.
Day 9 Full day SS in Mazori-Sharif, back to guest-house. Rest.
Day 10 after breakfast excursion and drive to ancient town Balkh (30 km from Mazori-Sharif) and back to guest-house.
Day 11 Transfer to Afghan/Tajik border Shaartuz crossing through border drive to Dushanbe, accommodation in hotel, rest.
Day 12 Early in the morning drive to Samarkand through Penjikent, through mountain pass ANZOB 3372 m. , in Penjikent SS Old town Sogdian people, excavation, and museum after go to Tajik/Uzbek border, and then go to Samarkand, hotel.
Day 13 Full day SS along Samarkand ancient interest places, and back to hotel.
Day 14 Early in the morning drive to Tashkent 280 km. 6 hours, lunch on the way and then go to airport.
Departure to home.
Days................................. 14.
Season..................... 01. 06. - 01. 11.
Min. group of................. 2 - 25 per.
1-2 3-4 5-6 7-9 10-14 +1free 15-19+1Free 20-25+1Free
The price includes: meeting and see off, all transfers any where, accommodation in hotel single and double room and tents, and also private guest-house, meals 3 time a day, EXCORT GUIDE, interpreter guide, local guide, cook,
Does not include: visa and visa supports in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan
and Afghanistan, border permits and mountain permits.
The price for transports in Afghan side:
Russian jeep UAZ for 4 per. - 120 $ per/day
Foreign jeep Toyota and etc. - 250 -300 $ per/day
The price includes: In this prices includes: visa supports, all transfers, accommodation in hotels and guest house, base camp, add transfers only for excursions in the cities and in towns, meals 3 times a day, escort guide, mountain guide, guide interpreter, porters (12kg cargo p/pers), rent of necessary equipment dishes, folding tables, chairs, toilet tent, dinning tent, cooks, kitchen equipment with gas, foods.
Not included: Not includes: Visas in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgiziya, license for Mountain in Tajikistan -50 $ per/per and ecological fees 1 $ per/per/day. and border zone to Pamir - 50 $ per/per.

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