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 ITINERARY: Dushanbe – Marguzor lakes (Seven lakes) – Tavasang pass –Sarmat – Tavasang pass – Munora pass – Zimtut sattlement – Guitan – Chukurak lake –Kulikalon lake – Aloudin pass – Aloudin lake.

Duration: 15 days.
 Day 1.
   Arrival to Dushanbe.  Accomodation in hotel
 Day 2.   Transfer from Dushanbe to Pendjikent Margozur lake  (8-10 hours).
               Accomodation in H-2600 m.Camping 1.
 Day 3.   Easy day. Walking excursion to Hazorchashma lake.Back  to the H-2600m. Camping 2.
 Day 4.   Tracking starts. Passage to the foothill of Tovasang  pass. Camping near the summer           campsite of shefferds.
 Day 5.   Taking the pass of Tovasang(1A 3300ms).Camping near  the summer campsite of the shefferds. H-2850 m.  Camping 3.
 Day 6.   Taking of the Munora pass(1A 3500ms).Descent to the  valley of the river  archamaidon. H-2750 m.  Camping 4.
 Day 7.   Hiking along the river in the valley of Archamaidan  Up to the Zurmech village. H- 1950 m.Camping 5. & gt;

 Day 8.   Taking of the Guitan pass.Sightseeing of Chukurak  lake.Descent to ATC "Artouch".Accomodation in   cottages. H-2200m.
 Day 9.   Passage to famous Kulikalon lakes. H-2800 m.  Camping 6.
 Day 10. Easy day.Sightseeing in picturesque lakes surrounded   by tremendous mountain slopes.Overnight camping.  H-2800m. Camping 7.
 Day 11.   Taking of Allouddin pass(1A 3500 ms).Descent to  Alouddin lakes. H-2900 m. Camping 8.
 Day 12.   Resting day in Alouddin lakes.Overnight camping.
 Day 13.   Descent to river Immat,to the foothill of Chapdara  peak. Back to the camp for overnight. H-2900m.  Camping 9.
 Day 14.   Transfer in the mountain bus to Dushanbe  Accomodation in hotel
 Day 15. Flight back home.

     Days .................................... 15.
    Season .................... 1.07.-30.10. .................. 1 - 20 per.


 The price includes: all transfers, accommodation in hotels, guest houses,
in mountain in the base camp, tent and private  house, escort guide, mountain guide,
interpreter, cooks, sherpa, (donkey with Donkey men’s),  we take in mountain from each tourist 12 kg luggage, SS, entries fees, foods, meals 3 time a day.

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