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Fann mountains - is the unique mountain region, lying between Zerafshan and Hissar ranges of Pamir-Alay. Majority of large and small lakes, as a pearl, scattered in the valleys and gorges bet- wean the majestic peaks of 5000ms height covered with eternal snow. The route starts with visiting of two the most ancient cities of Great Silk Road - Samarkand and Bukhara. After the acquaintance with the cities tourists will move to Marguzor lakes, which is called "Seven Bellies" by local people. This is the starting point for all trekking to Fann mountains. After overcoming some passes tourists will occur in the heart of this mountain region - in Kuli-Kalon lakes, the picturesque place, surrounded with grandeurs rocky walls. Mountain trekking will be finished Zimtut settlement., Guitan pass., after lunch drive to Penjikent, overnight in private house, and at the next day from where tourists drive to Samarkand .. 
Day 1 Transfer from Dushanbe to Penjikent .. In Penjikent lunch and after Excursion in the town. Then at 16-00 drive too the 6-th of Marguzor lakes by the mountain bus. Camping. 
Day 2 Full day trekking around 7th lake, lunch and then back to base camp.
Dinner and rest on the 6th Marguzor lake. 
Day 3 Taking of Tovasang Pass (1A3300ms). Descent to valley of the river Sarimat. Camping. 
Day 4 Taking of the Munora pass (1A3500ms). Descent to the valley of river Archamaidan. Camping. 
Day 5 Full day trekking in Archamaidan 
Go to Pushtikul lake, lunch and swim on the beach of lake and then back to base camp, dinner and rest.
Day 6 Hiking along the valley of river Archamaidan to the Zimtut settlement. Guest house or camping. 
Day 7 Half day trekking to Taking of the pass of Guitan. Sightseeing of the picturesque descent to base camp lunch on the village and then drive to Penjikent accommodation in private guest house, dinner and rest. 
Day 8 After breakfast Transfer  to Dushanbe.  
Season 01. 06- 31. 09
Min. group of 1-20 per
The program  includes:all transfers, accommodation in  guest house, tents camp, all transfers  excursion in the town, meals 3 times a day, escort guide, mountain guide, local guide interpreter, cook and donkey men’s with donkey, porters (12kg cargo p/p), rent of necessary equipment dishes, folding tables, chairs, toilet tent, dinning tent, cooks, kitchen equipment with gas, foods. 
Not included: Visa and visa support in Tajikistan, 
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