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Penjikent town V- VII centuries.


Total area of town is 14 ha; the length of defensive walls is 2 km. Citadel with palace of ruler Devashticha was excavated, as well as two fire temples with vast yards, eight main streets, ten lanes, stores, workshops, markets and fortification walls. 150 many storied and two and three storied dwelling houses, which belonged to different groups of population were investigated.
The unique patterns of wall painting, wood carving columns and beams were found. They decorated the palaces and temples. In 1978, Penjikent historico-archeological preserve of Academy of Science Republic of Tajikistan was set up on the basis of the discovered materials Researchers:    A.U.Yakubovskiy (1946-1952), A.M. Beleniskiy (1952-1980), B.M. Marshak (1980)

The materials are saved in the State Hermitage (Saint-Petersburg), Penjikent historico-archeological preserve (Penjikent city), in the fund of Institute of History (Dushanbe)

Mausoleum "Muhammad Bashoro",XI-XII, XIV centuries

It is situated in Mazori Sharif village of Penjikent region. The mausoleum is unique by its complicated planning and splendid portal, constructed in the XIV century. In the decoration of the portal, the pieces of turquoise majolica are skilfully incorporated, along with the finest panel of carved terracotta. Researchers: V.N. Voronina (1954), S.G Khmelnitsky (1965,1970). It is used as sacred place for pilgrimage . Partially reconstructed and conserved. The monument needs renovation.


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