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The Romit gorge begins 45 kilometers to northeast from Dushanbe, with numerous recreation zones, thermal springs, protected woodlands and beautiful mountain rivers. The lower Romit Gorge is a popular weekend hangout for Dushanbe citizens.

From Dushanbe to Romit you have to drive of Vahdat Settlement and at 37 kilometers from Dushanbe, at conjunction of roads  turn to the left and continue your ride along the right shore of the Kafirnigan river.

Kafirnigan River has the length of 387 km. It left riverhead, the Sorbo river, begins from ice-glaciers and snows of Karategin Mountain Ridge, and the right riverhead, Sardaymiyona River – from the Gissar Mountain ridge. Below Shaartuz Settlement, in the south of Tajikistan, the Kafirnigan River flows into the Amudarya.

The territory of Romit Natural Reserve created in 1959 stands 70 kilometers from Dushanbe, in the confluence of Sardaymiyona and Sorbo rivers, at altitude of 1,200 maters above sea level, just opposite of the Romit village, on the other side of the river and can be reached by the public transport from the Vahdat settlement, itself situated 20 kilometers east to Dushanbe.

The reserve is famous for the woods. The slopes of mountains are covered with a birch, poplar, willow, maple, jiga (lohs), mulberry trees. There are wild apples, pears, alycha, cherry, nut, sea, buck-thorn (oblepiha), hawthorn, barberry, quince, pistachio, almond, hedge rose, juniper (archa) and even biota trees (tuya).

Above the woods one can see the sub Alpine meadows, where tulips, crocuses, mountain violets, anemones, poppy, field pinks, irises, crane’sibill blossom.

King fish – trouts is found in the rivers and numerous brooks.

There are over 100 species of birds in the reserve. There are also many species of animals, some of which are included in “Tajikistan Red Book”.


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