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Welcome to ancient Penjikent

Penjikent (or Panjikent) is a small town, on the banks of  the Zeravshan river, western Tajikistan.
Many of archaeologists of  the world aspire to Panjakent, one of the centers of ancient civilization,       a major sogdian city was founded in the 5th century.
In the central Zarafshan valley, the town of ancient Panjikent was the capital of Panch and its rulers.
Panjekent was one of  the socio-political, economical and cultural dynamics of the powerfull and progressive Samanid state .
Penjikent is situated 65 km east of  Samarqand , in Tajikistan. 


See map it is Sogdian city which flourished from the V-cc to VIII-cc. A.D. It is so well preserved it has been dubbed "Central
Asia's Pompei". An opulent governor's palace, houses, and temples can be seen.At one time Sogddiana controlled a key section of the Silk Road,but in the VIII-cc., empire collapsed and the people fled to the mountains.Descendants of this ancient kingdom still live in the more remote regions of present day Tajikistan named Yagnob Valley and still spoke a remote dialect of Sogdian.The ancient Sarazm,some 20 kms from Penjikent,is one of the most ancient settlements of Central Asia,dating from Neolyth period.


SARAZM the early Bronze Age settlement vas found by Ashurali Tailonov-inhabitant of the village Sarazm in autumn of 1976. The monument is situated 15 km to the west of Penjikent and 45 km to the East of Samarkand.

The area of the monument is ISO hectare but unfortunately irv the^resoft of irrigation of lands a greater part of it is damaged.

In the result of scientific investigations made b) Tajik. French, American and Russjan archaeologists in Sarazm by means of radio carbonic exatninatior four layers of lives eras were identified and the; are as follows

1st layer  -  in 3500 - 3200 b.C.

2nd  layer   -  in 3200 - 2900 b.C.

3rd  layer    - in 2qoo - 2700 b.C.

4th  layer    - in 2700 - 2000 b.C.

The inhabitants of Sarazm were engaged mostly im agriculture handicraft and metal extracting in two places of the monuments archaeological investigation: were made to the present time б dwelling houses and 5 administrative houses were found.

The Sarazmians had good trade and cultural relate with tribes of Afghanistan, Iran Balujistan, Hind and shores of Aral Sea.

Now the monument Sarazm is the oldest and ancient center of Varorud in the archaeological science of the East is recognized as the center of development agricultural craftsmanship and town building in Central Asia.







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