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Adventure on the Roof of the World-PAMIRS

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Whether your interest is mountaineering, trekking, adventure travel or business, find the travel information that you need at Pamir Travel along Tajikistan is a comprehensive guide to travel and tourism in Tajikistan, including city and regional local guides, flight schedules, entry requirements, and other essential travel information.
Tajikistan is a newly-independent republic on the southern tip of what used to be Soviet Central Asia. Beautiful and remote, Tajikistan was host to substantial numbers of visitors, largely from the USSR and Eastern European countries. Tourists were attracted by opportunities for alpine mountaineering, rock climbing, walking, fishing, or simply relaxing among dramatic mountains and lakes.
A few western mountaineers and travelers in search of unconventional destinations also found their way to Tajikistan. Most famous of all were the three giants of the Pamirs: Peak Somoni 7495 m. (former Communism), Peak Lenin 7134 m. , and Peak Korjenevskaya 7105 m. in the Eastern region of Badakhshan. For alpine climbing, high level walking tours and Lakeland scenery the Fann mountains in the North West of the country, just across the border from Samarkand, were especially popular.
When the 1992-97 civil war started, almost all tourism was terminated overnight. However, the war is now over, the country is slowly getting back on its feet, and today Tajikistan has much to offer to the mountaineer, the hiker and the independent traveler in search of remote locations and unusual cultural experiences.

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